Published: 23rd February 2008
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Knowing your guests is the most important factor in this decision. We would all like to travel to far away places but it may not be practical or even possible for all:

Consider the following points regarding your guests:

• Age group and interests - How will the event be remembered? Will the imagination of the guests be captured in the venue centre and location chosen? What can be done to incorporate the varying interests that a vast array of guests can have?

• Fitness level - will there be much physical activity and how will this affect the guests? Is it possible to have a choice of activities that may appeal to different ones within the group?

• Financial circumstances - What choices can be provided the ease the financial burden involved in your guests coming and participating in this event? If there is accommodation involved and your guests are paying for their own, are there a variety of options for them? Will they be entertained and happy without having to spend a lot of money?

• Time of year - Consider the seasonal factor. Consider choosing an off peak season and saving financially. In Australia this will almost certainly mean the winter season, far away from Christmas and many of our public holidays. There may be more to do in the colder destinations that you think. Especially with all that money you've saved !!

• Family responsibilities - Be considerate of how your event will effect the families of the guests. Should you decide to take them far away from family then this can be a huge sacrifice on their part. Be sure to thank your guests and their families.

• Airport - Perhaps you have guests flying in. Be sure to provide them with directions from the airport to the venue and even consider holding the event nearer to the airport if you have a high number of them.

• The journey home - Are you guests likely to be tired after the event? Perhaps choosing a nearby option may be better than having the risk of a long trip and tired guests. Or provide an extra night's accommodation so that they can leave feeling refreshed.

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